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Terms of use

Terms of use

General Alert ID Group Service Terms & Conditions

Alert ID provides owners of pets and property with identification tags which may be affixed to items of personal property including anything that the owner wants to identify. Alert ID also provides visible means of identifying a person. All ID devices display a telephone number for the Alert ID emergency call centre. They also display a unique reference number which identifies a person, or article of personal property.

Alert ID Group ‘Lost and Found’ Service

1. Alert ID undertakes to receive telephone calls from members of the public who may find anything with an Alert ID ‘ID tag‘, label or other Alert ID device attached to it, or upon a registered family member, or item of personal property.

2. Alert ID will endeavor to identify the owner of property, or the registered next-of-kin of the person, by accessing the Alert ID database of registered owners and people, and using the unique ID number on the ID tag.

3. Provided the tag has been correctly registered with Alert ID and the registration is current, Alert ID will endeavor to contact the owner of the personal property or found person’s registered next-of-kin and inform them of the current situation.

4. Alert ID undertakes not to provide the finder with the details of the owner of personal property, although after verification, Alert ID will provide Police, Ambulance and Fire Service control centers with the details of the next-of-kin of an Alert ID registered family who has been found needing assistance.

5. Alert ID will endeavor to give the owner of the personal property or the next-of-kin the contact details of the finder.

6. Alert ID will endeavor to establish contact between the finder and the owner or next-of-kin, so that they may arrange for the reunification of the person or personal property with the next-of-kin, or owner as appropriate.

7. Alert ID may contact anyone registered on the Alert ID database and offer them additional Alert ID services and upgrade their registrations to include larger storage capacity on the Alert ID database, superior quality ID tags and additional benefits as offered from time to time by Alert ID.

8. Owners who register for any Alert ID service will pay a service setup charge to Alert ID. Any term or form of service that Alert ID offers through the purchase of ID devices is free of charge and cannot be guaranteed. There is no extended service that is paid for.