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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I lose my ID band, tag or stickers?

Can I purchase other identification devices from Ride Alert and AlertID?

What if my contact or personal details change within my service period?

What if I want to add additional family members after my account has been set up?

What if I have problems registering or adding any information to my account?

I can not assign a new tag to anything or anyone?

Once I have an account can I change my username and password?

Can I add pictures of my family?

When you register your ID bands in your own account there is a link to additional products. If you lose your ID Devices click on this link and it will allow you buy a new ID Device at member prices

When you are logged in to your account there is a link to additional products, this link allows you buy other ID Devices at member prices from
Ride Alert or AlertID.  For more information see Devices
If your information should change at any point, simply go into your account and update them free of charge. Any amendments you make are instantly available to the Incident Response Team.
You may add as many family members as you like at any time. Simply go into your account and update them free of charge. Buying additional ID Devices for family members – In your account there is a link to additional products. If you would like to buy additional ID Devices for your family click on this link buy new ID Devices at member prices.
If you experience any problems with the service or your account then you may e-mail us on feedback@ridealert.us. We will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible with an answer to your questions.
In order to assign a tag to a person, pet or property the person, pet or property needs to be registered first. Go to add person, pet or property and fill in the details. Once this has been achieved go to add tag. Add your new tag number and then attach it to your person, pet or property.
All you need to do to change your username & password if you find it hard to remember is: Get into your account using the supplied username and password. Go to Account details, click on UPDATE LOG-IN DETAILS and amend as you see fit. Be sure to save your amends at every stage.
In order to add pictures of any of the family you need to create a personal profile. Go to People, Medical, Contact list and click on add person. Fill in the details regarding the family member and save. Once saved you can go back to view profile and upload a jpeg picture to the profile.